How to setup Lucene Solr project in Eclipse?

1. Download Eclipse IDE.
2. Install SVN plugin for Eclipse IDE. I used Subversive plugin.
3. Create a new project in Eclipse and check out code from (select others and svn)
4. In Lucene Solr, project dependencies are managed using Ivy. So run the ant ivy-bootstrap task in the outer most build.xml
5. Now run ant eclipse, this task will resolve all the dependencies.
6. Refresh the project in Eclipse. Now the compilation errors should be resolved and project is ready to work.

5 thoughts on “How to setup Lucene Solr project in Eclipse?

  1. Antonio said:

    hi, I have a problem, more than anything else I do not know what project to extract from the repository. Who can help me? In which folder is the project to be extracted?

  2. Antonio said:

    I tried Solr in my web application