How to install MongoDB in Linux Mint?

There are four steps involved in instaling and testing MongoDB in Linux Mint.

  1. Download the MongoDB Server.
  2. Configure Data Folder.
  3. Start MongoDB.
  4. Start Mongo Shell Client.

Download MongoDB Server.

Make sure that the MongoDB is not installed in your machine before you download MongoDB. Open a shell and type mongod.

Shell will notify you with approprate message if the MongoDB is not installed in your machine.
Type sudo apt-get install mongodb-server and enter to download the mongodb server.

Configure Data Folder.

You need to create /data/db folder or pass –dbpath argument to mongod process to start mongod.

Create /data/db folder.

Change the owner of the /data/db folder

Start MongoDB.

Open a shell and type ‘mongod’ and enter to start MongoDB.

Start Mongo Shell Client.

This is an optional step in the instalation. You can start the mongo client and test if the installation was correct or not.

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