Implicit Objects

JSP implicit objects are a collection of java objects that the JSP/Servlet container makes available to developers in each and every jsp page.

How to access the JSP implicit objects?

  1. JSP implicit objects can be accessed as variables via any JSP scripting elements.
  2. JSP implicit objects can be accessed programmatically by JavaBeans and Servlets.

JSP Implicit Objects

Object Class/Interface Description
application javax.servlet.ServletContext Application wide shared state
config javax.servlet.ServletConfig Configuration for a servlet
out javax.servlet.jsp.JspWriter Output stream for page context
page javax.servlet.jsp.HttpJspPage JSP page's servlet instance
pageContext javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext Gateway to all the namespaces associated with a JSP page and access to several page attributes
request javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest HTTP Request
response javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse HTTP Response
session javax.servlet.http.HttpSession User session data