Oracle Endeca – Query Types.

Since you are reading this post I assume that you already know about Endeca Dimension and related concepts. Please refer Oracle Endeca core concepts and terms post for more details on Endeca dimensions.

“Overview of Query Types” is one of the Endeca commerce certification topics. Oracle Endeca guided search supports two kinds of queries.

  1. Navigation Query.
  2. Keyword Search Query.
Navigation Query.

The concept of navigation query is very much similar to the tree traversal. As per Yahoo! directory navigational search uses a hierarchy structure (taxonomy) to enable users to browse the information space by iteratively narrowing the scope of their quest in a predetermined order.

Navigation query using Oracle Endeca Presentation API ENEQuery class.

Navigation query using Oracle Endeca Presentation API UrlENEQuery class.

Both queries are created for root node or nid zero. Visit this post to see a complete example of Oracle Endeca navigation query using Presentation API.

Keyword Search Query.

Keyword search is the most common search technique. All the popular web search engines uses keyword search. This search allows users to simply type the keyword in a text box and search against an index or data store. Endeca supports two kinds of keyword search queries.

  1. Record Keyword Search Query.
  2. Dimension Keyword Search Query

Record keyword search is done against specific record key(s) or against all indexed/searchable keys. Dimension keyword search query is used to search against the dimension hierarchy.

Record keyword search query using Oracle Endeca Presentation API.

Sample programs for record keyword search.
  1. Keyword search against all indexed keys.
  2. Keyword search against specific indexed key.
Dimension keyword search query using Oracle Endeca Presentation API.

The above code will search for token “GN” in the dimension hierarchy.

Reference mind map.

Oracle Endeca Query Types