Oracle Endeca – What is Dimension Group?

Since you are reading this post I assume that you already know about Oracle Endeca Dimensions. If not please visit Oracle Endeca Core Concepts and Terms post.

What is Dimension Group?

Dimension Group (com.endeca.navigation.DimGroup) is an immutable object used to group a collection of related Dimensions. (com.endeca.navigation.Dimension) Dimension Group is used to present a set of dimensions under a logical entity. Take the example of discover electronic application, dimensions like camera.color, camera.flash and camera.aspect_ratio are grouped under product_features dimension group. If a dimension is not put under an explicit dimension group then it would fall under the implicit dimension group. An implicit dimension group doesn’t have an id or name.

Screenshot from Oracle Endeca Discover Electronics reference application.

Oracle Endeca Dimension Group

Mind map of Dimension Group, Dimension and Dimension Values relationship.

Oracle Endeca Dimension Group

How to find Dimension Groups using Presentation API?

Sample program to find the Dimension Group using Presentation API.

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    what is “final DimValIdList dimValIdList = new DimValIdList(nValue)” mean?