Oracle Endeca – List root level dimensions using presentation API.

Below given program will list out all root level dimensions in an Endeca index. (dgraph) This program will be useful if you don’t have access to Endeca jsp reference application or reference application is not coming up due to some reason. This program connect to MDEX installed in localhost and running in port 15000. You may have to change the MDEX host and port as per your environment.

Please refer this program to load the complete dimension tree from Oracle Endeca MDEX.

5 thoughts on “Oracle Endeca – List root level dimensions using presentation API.

  1. Anirban Lahiri said:

    We know that displaying the dimension results along with a navigation result can result in a performance issue. So is there a way to disable the dimension results to be displayed while forming an ENEQuery? I am hunting for the proper API method but not yet able to figure it out.

    • Sanju Thomasourownjava said:

      hi Anirban, Did you try passing parameter Ne=0 to not to expose any dimension refinement values. Ne=(Exposed Refinements) is passed to determines which dimension navigation refinements are exposed.

      • Anirban Lahiri said:

        Hi, I came to learn that it is not possible to disable having the dimensions in an ENEQueryResult. Setting Ne=0 would just not display them, but the dimensions would be very much in the results.

        Well, as a slightly different but a related query to your article, is there a way to get the complete dimension tree structure from an ENEQuery? I am trying out a dimension search instead of the navigation search but struggling to get all the dimensions upto the leaf node level. I tried this article of yours but it gives me only all the dimensions that come up as the first level of the navigation; the further child levels do not come up in this quite understandably as this is a “navigation” query. So, to get all the levels of dimensions using a navigation query, we’ll require multiple calls to Endeca and manually form the structure as we recursively travel towards the leaf level. I don’t think that’s at all a wise way of doing it and I’m struggling to find the clean way. Any help in this direction would be extremely useful. :)