ATG Targeting Servlets/Droplets.

ATG framework provides five out of the box targeting droplets/servlets. Refer ATG droplet design and ATG custom droplet to understand more abut ATG droplets.

What is targeting?

The selection of potential customers to whom a business wishes to sell products or services. A target market is the segment of the population to which you intend to sell products and services.

Target Name Basis of Catgorization
Demographics age; sex; profession; purchasing power
Geographics climate; urban/rural
Technology platforms; tablet; mibile; web

ATG Targeting Droplets Design.

ATG Targeting Droplet Design

Oracle ATG Documentation for Targeting Droplets.

  1. TargetingArray Droplet
  2. TargetingFirst Droplet
  3. TargetingForEach Droplet
  4. TargetingRandom Droplet
  5. TargetingRange Droplet

Ecommerce Targeting.

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