ATG REST multipart input customizer.

ATG REST module provides two input customizers out of the box.

1. JSONInputCustomizer

2. XMLInputCustomizer

This means that you can send the request parameters in JSON format or XML format and ATG REST is capable of handling it. In the current version of ATG, it doesn’t provide input customizers to parse the multipart form data. In this post I would explain you the steps involved in writing and configuring a multipart excel input customizer.

ATG REST input customizer static design

ATG REST Input Customizer

Write your input customizer class

To write a custom input customizer you should extend RestInputCustomizerImpl class provided by ATG REST.

Define a component for ExcelInputCustomizer class

Create file in location /info/atgblog/rest/input.

Configure the input customizer

Open up the /atg/rest/ and add the ExcelInputCustomizer for excel mime type.

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