ATG Generic Session Manager/Session Tracking.

There is a very useful out of the box component named GenericSessionManager in ATG. GenericSessionManager component helps you to track down all session scope objects and it’s state.

1. You can access the GenericSessionManager from the URI given below. (This is part of the ATG dyn admin component browser)


ATG SessionManager

2. Once you click on the view button, Session Manager will list out all the active sessions with in the application server.
ATG Session Manager

3. The most recently created session would be listed on the top, Once you click on the session id, you will get navigated into the session directory listing page.
ATG Session Manager

4. Click on the atg link, you will get navigated to you a detailed directory listing. All classes belongs to atg packages can be found in this page.

5. Under the userprofiling heading click on the Profile link. The page will list out all attributes belongs the profile of the selected session. (We are trying to track down the owner of the session)


ATG Session Manager

6. If you really wanted to see all attributes belongs the profile you can get into the ProfileAdapaterRepository page and list all items.


ATG Session Manager


You will experience the real of ATG component browser SessionManager component when you do some real-time debugging.

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