User registration page in ATG using DSPs and Handler.

ATG comes with powerful out of the box components to build e-commerce websites with minimal effort. Today we will create a simple user registration page using DSP tags and ProfileFormHandler Component. Steps to create a user registration page. 1. Import the DSP tab libraries.

2. Import the ProfileFormHandler Component. This is an out of [...]
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ATG Generic Session Manager/Session Tracking.

There is a very useful out of the box component named GenericSessionManager in ATG. GenericSessionManager component helps you to track down all session scope objects and it’s state. 1. You can access the GenericSessionManager from the URI given below. (This is part of the ATG dyn admin component browser) http://host:port/dyn/admin/nucleus/atg/dynamo/servlet/sessiontracking/GenericSessionManager/ 2. Once you click on [...]
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Serialization and Deserialization in java.

Serialization is the process of converting the state of an object into byte stream. De-serialization allow you to restore the serialized state into another instance of the same type. As you know, only the state of an object can serialized. Behavior is run-time phenomenon and it can’t be converted to a stream. Classes and [...]
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Java Reflection – Invoking Method at Runtime.

Using Java Reflection we can inspect and invoke methods at runtime. This is achieved using a class named java.lang.reflect.Method. There are basically three steps involved in invoking a method using reflection. Create a instance of the given class Prepare the parameters to invoke the method Invoke method using the java.lang.reflect.Method Create a instance of the [...]
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How to Customize Stemming in Apache Solr?

Stemming is the process for reducing inflected or sometimes derived words to their stem, base, or root form. Suffix Stemming Example Objective of Stemming Stemming is done to improve search result recall. Though stemming improve recall it would reduce the precision. Solr Stemmers suitable for English Customize Stemming Sometime the standard out of the box [...]
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Oracle Endeca – Navigation Query Example using Presentation API.

Sample client which connect to an Oracle Endeca MDEX server and make a navigation search. Query will be applied with nvalue zero or root. This program assume that the MDEX installed in localhost and running on port 15000. Sample code to create a navigation query

Class DimValIdList has three constructors. DimValIdList() DimValIdList(DimValList values) DimValIdList(String [...]
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Endeca Presentation API – match any navigation query.

Sample client which connect to an Endeca MDEX server and make keyword search. Query will be applied with nid zero and the search term will be searched against “” searchable key in the index. This client connect to Endeca MDEX installed in localhost at default port 15000. In this example we search multiple product ids in [...]
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How to write ATG RQL includes query?

Recently I had to write an ATG Repository Query (RQL) to load collection using “IN” query. I found the ATG API documents are not good enough to tell the story clearly. Below given example load all employees with give ids. The important API to understand is QueryBuilder.createIncludesQuery(QueryExpression valueExpression, QueryExpression propertyExpression); You would have noticed that [...]
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How to write orderby clause using MongoDB java drivers?

Today we will write a sample program using MongoDB java driver to sort a collection. Assume that we have a collection like this.

Sorting or ordering by a particular column is really simple using the console, The sort function takes column(s) name and order in which the sorting needs to be done. (-1 == [...]
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