Oracle Endeca – Typeahead using Dimension search.

Most of us would have used the typeahead feature in different software systems. In today’s post we will look into type-ahead using Oracle Endeca dimension search.

Different approaches to do type-ahead in Oracle Endeca.
  1. Dimension Keyword Search.
  2. Record Keyword Search.
  3. Dimension Keyword Search combined with predefined set of tokens.
  4. Dimension Keyword Search combined with search logs.
  5. Dimension Keyword Search combined with taxonomy synonyms.

There is no best approach or bad approach as per my experience. Its all depends on your application, targeted user base and requirements. In our example we are using dimension keyword search. Since we are using dimension keyword search the auto-complete/type-ahead/suggestion tokens would come from the dimension/taxonomy tree.

Tools and Libraries used.

Oracle Endeca Typeahead

Java program to fetch taxonomy with it’s ancestors.

Test code for the above listed program.

Client JSP code.

Screen shot of typeahead.

Type ahead using oracle endeca dimension search.

Complete Source Code in Git.

Oracle Endeca – Type-ahead using Dimension search.

7 thoughts on “Oracle Endeca – Typeahead using Dimension search.

  1. Hi ,

    Dimension Keyword Search vs Keyword Search Query uisng presentation API . real time scenario pls and can u pls through some lights on ASSEMPLER API pls…

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your post.

    I would like to know , what is the use of the java file “OracleEndecaDimensionSearchClient”.

    Also, how the MDEX engine indexing done for this type ahead.

  3. Ok… I found the other blog “ ” which refers to “OracleEndecaDimensionSearchClient”

    Regarding my question on MDEX engine, I hope it is using the sample app, say Discover, deployed to MDEX.

  4. Hi,

    In the above scenario the typed word is code and getting results for that. It is returning the results for code in the middle of the string. Is it possible to get results starting with code? What changes i need to make to get the typeahead values present only at starting of the string and not at the middle.

  5. Hi,

    When we use Dimension Keyword Search for type ahead, can we get search in multiple dimensions and get the most relevant ones from all the dimensions selected. The problem is , Endeca auto suggest catridge has a field “maximum entries per dimension”, which is restricting the suggestions from dimensions. Can we somehow override this property ?

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