Endeca Presentation API – match any navigation query.

Sample client which connect to an Endeca MDEX server and make keyword search. Query will be applied with nid zero and the search term will be searched against “product.id”┬ásearchable key in the index. This client connect to Endeca MDEX installed in localhost at default port 15000. In this example we search multiple product ids in one query.

6 thoughts on “Endeca Presentation API – match any navigation query.

  1. Really nice. Do you know how I can query for certain properties containing a String? For example I have 2 properties defined as String, and I want all the records that contains the input string inside that properties.

  2. And if when need to search on different properties in OR? I’ve noticed that adding ERecSearch to the list, all the properties that I put is in AND.

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