Oracle Endeca – Load dimension tree using dimension search.

Today we will share you sample program that load the whole dimension tree from Oracle Endeca MDEX. This program is using presentation API to make dimension search. Dimension search result is organized into a tree structure using custom data structure. This program is connecting to MDEX in the localhost running on port 15000. This program [...]
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UML – Class Diagram – Dependency/Uses

We have already discussed about ‘is-a’ and ‘has-a’ relationship. If you haven’t got a chance to look at those posts please refer the below give posts. UML – Class Diagram – Generalization & Realization. UML – Class Diagram – Association. Dependency is the third and more weaker form of relationship between two classes. If one [...]
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MongoDB – How to change the default port of mongodb?

By default mongodb instance run on port 27017.

There are two options to change the default port of mongodb. pass the –port argument when we start mongod. change the port in the mongodb.config file and pass the config file as input.

To connect to mongod running on port 19000 we need to start [...]
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How to install MongoDB in Linux Mint?

There are four steps involved in instaling and testing MongoDB in Linux Mint. Download the MongoDB Server. Configure Data Folder. Start MongoDB. Start Mongo Shell Client. Download MongoDB Server. Make sure that the MongoDB is not installed in your machine before you download MongoDB. Open a shell and type mongod.

Shell will notify you [...]
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UML – Class Diagram – Generalization & Realization

Class diagram represents the static low level design of the application. Class diagrams are static in nature and it represent different kinds of objects exist in the system and the relationship between those objects. Class diagram also help the reader to understand  different states, behaviors in the object and it’s visibility. In general, there are [...]
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UML – Class Diagram – Association.

In this post we will talk about representing different kinds of association in Unified Modelling Language (UML). The term association is used to refer a specific types of logical connections found on class. Association is considered as relationship on instance level. Please refer this post for inheritance/generalization/realization. Types of associations. In general, there are five [...]
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Oracle Endeca – How to extract did you mean tokens from Navigation query result?

Sample program to extract did you mean tokens from navigation query result. This program is tested against the Oracle Endeca Discover Electronics application.

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