Spring Data Solr – Index and Find Documents

In today’s post I would share a sample program to index and find documents into/from Apache Lucene Solr using Spring Data Solr. If you don’t have Solr in your local machine please download and install Solr from official site. This program is tested against the Solr server running in localhost and in default port. (http://localhost:8983/solr/) [...]
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Spring Data Mongo Pagination

In today’s post I would give you a sample program which loads data from MongoDb using Spring Data as page by page. This is useful when you load large data set into screen. The complete source code of this post can be found github. Libraries Use pom.xml

ProductRepository Source Code

Product Domain Object [...]
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How to setup Lucene Solr project in Eclipse?

1. Download Eclipse IDE. 2. Install SVN plugin for Eclipse IDE. I used Subversive plugin. 3. Create a new project in Eclipse and check out code from http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/lucene/dev/trunk. (select others and svn) 4. In Lucene Solr, project dependencies are managed using Ivy. So run the ant ivy-bootstrap task in the outer most build.xml 5. Now [...]
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Oracle Endeca Commerce Overview

post Oracle offers two Endeca solutions. Oracle Endeca Commerce. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery. (OEID) In this post I would talk about Oracle Endeca Commerce solution. This post is a brief overview of all the important packages of Oracle Endeca Commerce. If you are in a hurry then you can scroll down take a look at [...]
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